COME - RECOGNIZE - TRUST - YOURSELF Are you and your needs not perceived enough? Do you have difficulties in expressing your wishes? Do you lack confidence and courage for a change? I would like to help you. COME - RECOGNIZE - TRUST - YOURSELF With resources from theatre education, targeted acting training and practically applied psychology you will find infinite

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT SEMINAR2023-04-14T09:30:38+00:00


SIBYLLE BECKER's ACTING LESSONS FOR GIRLS (Starting from 12 years - up) This seminar is very well suited to prepare for an acting education and the associated personality strength. Use body language specifically Techniques for empathy and demarcation natural self-esteem and self-assessment Show respect and demand Enforcement without aggression Mannequin running training. “Girl power

GIRLS POWER SEMINAR2018-07-23T10:20:08+00:00


Masculinity cannot exist without femininity. In this day's seminar, I will show you how to free yourself from the uncertainties that create the prevailing male image of our society and the falsehoods about the alleged characteristics of masculinity. With methods from the stick fighting art and concrete examples from the life I show you ways to own strength and to

MEN COACHING SEMINAR2023-04-14T08:52:46+00:00
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