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Corporate communication is a set of activities involved in managing and orchestrating all internal and external communications aimed at creating a favourable point of view among stakeholders on which the company depends. – Wikipedia

Sibylle Becker: “Training with theatre is a very appreciative training tool, it trains the common view on attitudes, relationships, behaviours, reaction mechanisms, emotions, thoughts and ultimately we learn to see things with different eyes.”

Sibylle Becker, Life Coach and Corporation Communication Trainer on the way to her corporate client

The offers of ongoing workshops and personal coaching give support in everyday life and can be booked separately.


Body and perception exercises body language Relaxation techniques and their diverse applications Voice training and speech design Use emotions as a feedback system Problems as an opportunity Differences in female and male perception Balancing job and private Acting training as self-experience which roles I have acquired myself, which were set up from the outside to practice inner freedom.


varied group and individual work Determination of individual goals Physical exercises with relaxation and combat elements Drama educational elements Individual and group discussions.

The goal of this seminar:

• learn to sharpen and control the perception of relationships and relationship patterns (people and tasks)

• Learning to take responsibility for yourself

Target group:

Professionals and managers who want to take responsibility for their lives and their health in order to counteract psychological stress, depression or burnout.


Communication training for companies Here I offer a powerful element as a solvent, to discover new skills and talents, as a link between views, cultures and generations and to introduce new topics (dealing with fears and insecurity) with the help of scenic intervention formats.

Continuing education for specialist managers  “Mindfulness, serenity and body awareness”

The complexity of our areas of responsibility requires quick empathy, understanding of cultural differences through internationality and clarity in all areas of life. Private difficulties due to expectations and the often thematically contradictory tasks from all sides in work, family and partnership, carries the danger of the inner splitting of the personality. The assumption that all areas must be seen separately, goes against the nature of man and makes him ill. Health problems and mental fatigue due to congestion are the results.

In order to be able to hold and thus lead relationships of any kind (to oneself and to others), a sensitive self-assessment is required. Above all, the relationship with oneself must be clear and loving.

The theatre education training helps you to sharpen your self-perception, to refine your procedures and expressions, as well as to learn the joy of playing in being human and in dealing with all problems of life: connect instead of separate. This plays a major role in exogenous depression, psycho-emotional dysbalance and burnout. The seminars lay the foundations to playfully juggle as a real human with the challenges of everyday life, to facilitate them considerably and thus recognize overloading in time and counteract.


Participants Note:

Please bring comfortable clothing, as well as writing options to write down your personal experience.


3 days; Start 1st day 5 pm – end 3rd day 5 pm or by appointment on a daily basis


min. 6 max.14


on request, closed seminar, registration for a group within the company


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